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Swades: We, the People

In late 2014, the George Eastman Museum acquired the world’s largest collection of contemporary Indian cinema held by a museum or film archive. The collection consists of 775 prints representing 597 film titles—all in 35mm format, made between 1999 and 2013—and thousands of film posters.

Schindler's List

In 1929, the venerable Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented the 1st Academy Awards, a ceremony that quickly grew to become the global standard for measuring artistic and technical excellence in film industry. Throughout the decades that followed, the Awards have been accused of many things, from favoring almost exclusively the most commercial or sentimental films to ignoring diversity. The fact remains, however, that nearly every title bestowed with the most desired Best Picture award went on to become a classic, or at least an indispensable part of film history.

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