Primal Screen

Curated by Senior Curator in the Moving Image Department Paolo Cherchi Usai, Primal Screen is designed to remind us that cinema is still very much an evolving art—that we should approach it with open minds and eyes and that we should never cease to expect the unexpected. The series is also intended to remind us—all innovations and mutations of film language aside—that the primary, or the primal, component of this medium remains the act of “monstration,” the act of showing (and not telling), the act of achieving affect and effect through vision in motion, on the biggest screen possible.

Friday, January 19, 2018
7:30 p.m.
Dryden Theatre
Rochester Premiere | Primal Screen. Europe, World War II. A family man with no strong political convictions is a passive accomplice to the cruelties of the Gestapo against the non-Aryans. In the same town where he lives, Olga, an aristocratic Russian émigré, has joined the French Resistance. Arrested by the Nazis for hiding two Jewish boys, the young and beautiful woman is sent to a concentration camp, where she sees death in the face, eventually finding an unexpected chance of escaping to Switzerland.